Meet The Ridge

Our History

We've come a long way

The Ridge on Amisk stands today as a testament to growth, transformation, and an enduring commitment to hospitality. Perched beautifully by Amisk Lake, this hotel has always been a beacon for those seeking a blend of nature’s tranquility and the comforts of modern luxury. However, its present glory didn’t emerge overnight.

Once known as the Rocky View BnB, the establishment catered to countless travelers, building a reputation for its warm ambiance and scenic views. Over the years, as it changed hands, there was an inherent desire to evolve and elevate the experience it offered. While the essence of its storied past remains, the metamorphosis into the Ridge on Amisk signifies a fresh approach, embodying a perfect harmony of rustic charm with contemporary amenities.

Today, the Ridge on Amisk is not merely a name change. It represents a vision, a renewed promise, and a continuous journey to provide guests with unparalleled experiences. Every corner of the property, every amenity, and every service offered echoes the dedication to ensure that the legacy of its predecessor is not only honored but enhanced for the modern traveler. As it stands tall and proud, it beckons a new generation of guests to be part of its ever-evolving narrative.

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